Welcome to my blog! I’m glad you’re here!

Beer, Bacon & Liberty is an unusual place on the web that stands out from other food blogs. Here you’ll find recipes, inspiration, reviews, testimonials and columns, but all served with my strongly individual, often introspective sauce.

As in life, I operate according to my principles. I do not follow trends, fashion or what is popular. I want to share a part of my soul with you. Every word you read here is a sincere expression of my personality. I do not tolerate falsehood and hypocrisy. I write straight from the heart – the way I feel.

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Since 2015, I have been working in the craft beer industry as co-founder and brand ambassador of Golem Brewery. In addition, I do sales and Internet marketing. I love traveling to fascinating places and good food. As with beer, I avoid mass production. I am interested in topics that you won’t find on the front pages of popular magazines. I am fascinated by forgotten, mysterious and romantic subjects, as well as curiosities of all kinds.

Join me on my journey through the world of flavor, inspiration and discovery. Together we will discover extraordinary culinary adventures that cannot be found elsewhere.

On Beer, Bacon & Liberty I write mainly in four categories:

  • Beer – craft beer tasting impressions
  • Food – food guides, restaurant reviews, culinary inspirations, and recipes
  • Travel – personal accounts of interesting places I have visited
  • Articles – my favorite category, in which I pour on the keyboard what is in my soul