The 15 best places for beer in Poznan (2023)

Poznan is one of the best places in Poland to drink good craft beer. There are restaurant breweries as well as multitapes, where there is no shortage of good lager, wheat, IPA or stout.

Here are fifteen places to go for beer in Poznan.

Poznan has no shortage of multitapes, or pubs offering craft beer pouring in rotation from multiple taps. You will find their concentration within the streets diverging from the Old Market.

Below you will find a map with all the listed locations where to drink craft beer in Poznan.

Piwna Stopa

Interior of the Piwna Stopa pub in Poznań
Source: premises materials

Decorated in a truly British style, the pub located on Szewska Street offers 16 taps of Polish and foreign craft beer. On the board you will find offerings from the best Polish craft breweries, as well as Czech and German lagers, Belgian lambics, Irish stouts and imported stouts from the UK and US.

There will also be artisanal ciders, fine wine and – of course, warm (!) – rye vodka. In addition, the pub has an impressive collection of bottles and cans. Guests can also take advantage of the kitchen’s offerings serving gourmet hot dogs (including vege) and appetizers (such as stick-on hermelin).

In the spring and summer season, Beer Foot invites you to the largest beer garden in Poznan with a grill, and in the autumn and winter to warm up by the wood-burning fireplace. It is also worth appreciating the musical repertoire served by the Beerfoot staff, which includes jazz, blues and rock.

Address: Szewska 7

Current beer list

Dom Piwa

Peter - owner of the House of Beer - presenting dark beers on his bar
Source: premises materials

On Mokra Street, which connects Żydowska and Wroniecka Streets, in a three-story building is Dom Piwa – a place where the Poznan Beer Lodge, an informal group of enthusiasts of exquisite craft beverages, usually sits.

In addition to the leading Polish craft breweries, the pub’s offerings often include beers from less popular breweries associated with Poznań and the region. While enjoying a beer, you can play popular games like Klask, and admire the impressive birophilist collection in the beer museum on the walls of the premises.

As of recently, you will also drink stronger spirits at the Beer House. Due to its storey location, meetings of organized groups are often held here, which, when asked the question: where to have a beer in Poznan? – They answer: to the Home!

Address: Mokra 2

Current beer list

Ministerstwo Browaru – Wroniecka

Bartek - the owner of the premises - drinking beer at the Ministry of Brewing - Wroniecka
Source: premises materials

Ministerstwo Browaru has two locations in Poznań – one newer on Wroniecka Street, and an older one on Ratajczaka Street. A stone’s throw from Piwna Stopa and Dom Piwa is the latter.

The pub impresses with its modern interior design, aesthetically planned garden and three rooms housed in two buildings divided by an atrium.

On tap you will find – in addition to the standard craft leaders – beers from Minister Brewery, cider, and prosecco. There was also no shortage of bottled offerings, including foreign ones.

The kitchen serves, among other things. delicious burgers (including vege), fries and other snacks.

Address: Wroniecka 16

Current beer list

Wściekły Chmiel

The mad bartenders of Furious Hops have something for you
Source: premises materials

We move to Jewish Street, where you can sit in as many as four craft beer pubs.

Wściekly Chmiel offers Polish craft beers, including. from Moczybroda Brewery, proprietary cocktails, as well as nitro cold brew coffee and prosecco on tap.

Guests can also enjoy a beer garden in season. Here you will also take part in a pub quiz, listen to good music and countless stories told by the crazy bar crew.

Address: Żydowska 10

Current beer list

Lot Chmiela

Entrance to Flight of the Hop
Source: premises materials

Lot Chmiela is the older brother of Wściekły Chmiel. Eight taps are available to guests in this Crafts Guild building on Żydowska Street.

The offerings are geared toward beers from more popular breweries (such as Pinta), as well as the local Moczybroda Brewery. In addition, there will be no shortage of cans and bottles from Poland and abroad.

Lovers of proprietary cocktails will enjoy the interesting flavors served by the friendly staff.

Address: Żydowska 4

Current beer list

Van Gogh

Bar at the Van Gogh
Source: premises materials

Opposite Dom Piwa and Wściekły Chmiel you will find the Van Gogh pub, where you will drink beer from eight taps. The establishment offers Fortuna Czarne, a Czech lager, as well as several beers from major Polish craft breweries and regional beers.

As for the stylistic diversity of the beers served here, the focus is on light and drinkable styles. You’re not likely to find smoked meats, imperial stouts or lambics here.

Visitors can make themselves comfortable on two levels of the premises, admire reproductions of artworks and play board games. A street garden is available in the summer.

Address: Żydowska 12

Current beer list


Bar in the Back Room
Source: premises materials

Zaplecze is a relatively new venue, opening in 2021, branded by Sady Brewery, located near Poznań.

From the tap you will drink mainly beers produced at this brewery, although not exclusively.

Fans of sparkling wine will not be disappointed, as the staff is always happy to treat us to a sparkling frizzante.

The industrial interior of the premises harmonizes with the spacious garden, where a projector and screen are placed, on which are projected, among other things. soccer matches.

Address: Żydowska 27/2

Quadro Fine Food & Craft

Quadro business card
Source: premises materials

Quadro is a place created in the premises where the Jabeerwocky Poznan franchise pub was located, that is, on the city’s main party street, Wroclawska Street. The multitap has been operating under its own brand for several weeks.

As an accompaniment to craft beer and cocktails, light, chillout music flies in the background. Here you can eat good pizza (it’s probably the only craft pizza place in Poznan!), burgers, and even steaks or ribs.

Address: Wroclawska 11

Ministerstwo Browaru – Ratajczaka

Entrance to the Ministry of Brewery at Ratajczaka Street
Source: premises materials

Moving a few blocks away from the Old Market area, we come across the oldest existing craft beer establishment in Poznan – a true legend of the city.

You can get here by walking to the Old Market on Święty Marcin Street, at the corner of Ratajczaka. Comfortable couches, an interior lavishly decorated with memorabilia associated with classic Belgian beer, and an offering of domestic and foreign craft beers await guests at Ministerstwo Browaru.

However, you will find not only Belgian, but also beers from Minister Brewery and other craft initiatives from Poland – as well as cider and other drinks.

Address: Ratajczaka 34

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Amore del Tropico

Bottles at Amore Del Tropico
Source: premises materials

This heavily alternative pub is located near the Ministry of Brewery on Ratajczaka Street.

In addition to the classic offerings of Polish and foreign bottled and draught beers, check out Amore del Tropico for underground concerts, meetings with artists, film screenings, talks or… foosball tournament.

Address: Ratajczaka 26/2

CK New Amore

Interior of the New Amore Cultural Center pub.
Source: premises materials

Centrum Kulturalne Nowe Amore is the freshest spot on the map of Poznan. It was built on the site where the Centrala Piwna store was previously located.

As the younger brother of the older Amore from Ratajczaka, the new establishment aims to win the hearts of residents of Poznan’s Jeżyce district and beyond. They write about themselves that CK New Amore is a socio-cultural project – an all-access review of various fields of art (…) – music, design, photography, visual arts, feminist and engaged art, and cooking.

So there will certainly be no shortage of interesting cultural events here, accompanied by good craft beer and the Bohemian atmosphere known from the premises on Ratajczaka Street.

Address: Mickiewicza 33

Tam Gdzie Zawsze

Tapas and beer from Beyond the City Brewery at the Where Ever Pub
Source: premises materials

Tam Gdzie Zawsze is another fresh addition to the map of Poznan multitap. A 15-minute walk from Piwna Stopa, the pub located in Srodka is the only one of its kind on the eastern side of the Warta River.

Surrounded by popular cafes and restaurants and located in a charming neighborhood overlooking the Cathedral and the Gate of Poznan, it targets both tourists and local beer lovers.

On tap here you’ll find beers from the suburban Za Miastem Brewery, prosecco, Belgian beers and several guest taps.

To accompany the beer, the establishment serves proprietary cold tapas. The two floors will accommodate dozens of people.

Address: Cybinska 13/1


A glass of beer from the Brovaria brewery
Source: premises materials

Brovaria is a restaurant with a brewery and hotel located on the Old Market Square in Poznan. By force of fact, such a location results in a preponderance of tourists and businessmen visiting Pyrlandia.

However, don’t let that fool you! The beers from Brovaria are award-winning, excellent representatives of classic styles, and every now and then the brewers here release seasonal beers that deviate from what you can usually drink in restaurant breweries.

All this is served to the accompaniment of tasty cuisine serving Polish and Bavarian dishes.

Address: Stary Rynek 73-74

Ułan Browar

Source: premises materials

Ułan Browar is the second of the restaurant breweries located in Poznan. It is located in the City Park complex at the Old Barracks.

It is the furthest away from the others on the list. It will take you about 25 minutes by streetcar to get there from the main beer route.

Several rooms, pool tables, a stage and – most importantly – fresh beer brewed on site in classic styles and seasonal items, as well as a wide range of meals are available on site.

Numerous team-building and family meetings are held here, as well as artistic performances. While you’re in the area, it’s worth stopping by and trying the beers brewed by Ulan Brewery, as they are really great offerings in their respective styles.

Address: Wyspianskiego 26