The 10 best places for beer in Wroclaw (2023)

As the Golem Brewery team and I recently returned from a tap takeover at Wrocław’s Ham House, I decided not to put off any longer what was long overdue on Beer, Bacon & Liberty. Namely – another part of the guide to the capitals of Polish kraft. After Poznań and Warsaw, it’s time to ask the question: where to have a beer in Wrocław? I have selected 10 – in my opinion – the best places. I have omitted restaurant breweries, as there may be a separate entry about them.


Beer board at 4hops
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We begin – as usual – alphabetically. The 4Hops pub concept has changed many times. I remember the vibe of Mexican cuisine, then a bicycle-themed pub, and now, with the new design, the slogan is a mix of culture and rudeness. Tables have been left over from the cycling days, while the décor has been changed to a decidedly less minimalist style. The restaurant is ideally located on the way from Galeria Dominikanska to some of the other pubs on the list, so it’s worth a look there when looking for a place to grab a beer in Wroclaw.

Beer pours at 4Hops from sixteen taps, and the site hosts a variety of side events: a pub quiz, jam session, and tap parties. As for the variety of offerings, it is quite large, so there is something for everyone.

Address: Ofiar Oswiecimskich 46/1a

Browar Stu Mostow on Świdnicka Street

Bar in the pub of the Browar Stu Mostów on Świdnicka Street
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As I wrote above, I do not include restaurant breweries in this list. So you won’t see Zloty Pies, Piwnica Świdnicka or Prost – as well as the Browar Stu Mostow on Dlugosz Street. Recently, however, there has been a company-owned location of a well-known brewery from the north of the city, right on the market, on Świdnicka Street. The location is ideal – just between 4Hops and Continuation – or just off the main tourist trail.

The company’s beers from the 100 Mostow Brewery – from all possible iterations of the brand – are pouring from the taps here. So there will be no shortage of simple, everyday WRCLW-branded beers, the always solidly brewed New Wave beers from the main line, as well as special beers – wild, barrel-aged or birthday beers. On my last visit to Świdnicka, for example, I drank a delicious imperial brown ale aged in oak barrels. Such a beer in a hyper-touristy location? Excellent.

As for the food, the establishment serves a wide selection of meats, burgers, as well as typically beer-based snacks. Pretzel to start, topped with wild boar in boletus sauce, followed by seasoned steak and goose pips? Here you go.

Address: Swidnicka 4


Pizza at the FAM location.
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FAM., or the former La Famiglia, seems to have become even more popular among Wroclaw birthers since the rebranding. Located under the railroad embankment, it is an ideal place to start the Wroclaw beer trail. On tap here you will find a unique offering, as the owners have taken care of a cross-section of the best German lagers, as well as wheat beers. There will, of course, be no shortage of top Polish kraft breweries, but it is the German classics that set FAM apart.

In terms of food, of course, delicious pizza reigns supreme here, pairing perfectly with dry, bitter pils or helles. As someone prefers wine to beer, here he will be able to taste local, organic wines from small, artisanal wineries, the selection of which should satisfy any gourmet.

Address: Kolejowa 14


Set for big hunger - several types of meat and side dishes at FARM Spot
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Name similar, location a few doors down – yes, it’s no coincidence. FARM Spot is a sister spot to FAM. which recently opened near the original location. The beer selection here is similar – you’ll always find a good German lager and wheat, as well as a few Polish offerings. It’s definitely a smaller place, and the cuisine offered is no longer pizza, but high-quality grilled meat products.

Inside there is a pleasant smell of burning wood, and the menu is dominated by brisket, ribs and other fire-fired delicacies. I myself tried the brisket with barbecue beans and am very pleased with the quality of the meat served here. If you’re hungry hard, it’s worth grabbing one of the larger sets, whose presence on the menu has also been taken care of at FARM Spot. Wroclaw has gained a delicious venue.

Address: Kolejowa 4

Graciarnia Pizza Pub

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Wroclaw stands for the combination of pizza and beer (and the list still lacks a delicious VaffaNapoli!), that is…. not at all like Poznań. And very well. I think this is a differentiator on the plus side. You will reach the Graciarnia by actually walking straight ahead from the FAM side. and FARM Spot, heading towards the Market. This is one of two pubs located at this address, so you must be vigilant about which one you enter. From the side of the street, the first is Graciarnia, and only passing further into the courtyard will you find yourself in Marinka, about which a little below.

As far as FAM. combines pizza with German beer, so at Graciarnia you’ll find Czech lager on tap. In addition, of course, Polish breweries. Light beers – wheat, IPA, APA, gose – are king here. Rather, don’t set your sights on powerful smoked imperial stouts. Cider also pours from the tap, and on colder days you can drink mulled wine here.

Address: Kazimierza Wielkiego 39


A bartender pouring beer at the Continuation pub in Wroclaw.
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At one time Kontynuacja also operated in Katowice, while now only the one in Wroclaw has survived. You’ll find it on the same street as 4Hops, but definitely closer to the other pubs on the list. A sure spot on the beer list here is always beers from the affiliated brewery Czesc Brat!, in addition to a dozen items from Polish craft breweries.

Since the board is sizable, there will always be something from less popular styles, such as wild beers or imperial stouts. As for food, pastrami reigns supreme here, being an essential part of the reuben sandwich – a classic item of American cuisine.

Address: Ofiar Oswiecimskich 17

Marynka Piwo and Aperitivo

Blackboard and strong spirits - Marynka Wrocław
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Getting to Marinka is not easy. I myself had trouble with this at first. To get inside, you have to go through the corridor, past the Graciary and only in the courtyard find the right door. There are arrow cards posted, so hopefully you will hit it without a problem. You will drink beers from Czech and Polish breweries on site. We just happened to stumble upon an event celebrating the restaurant’s cooperation with Monsters Brewery, so we drank with relish the premiere Tap Failure, a collaborative IPA-style beer with strawberry and petroleum aromas derived from American hops.

In addition to beer, Marynka offers a wide selection of strong spirits: whiskeys, gins and vodkas, as well as food from the neighboring Balkan Burger. So, if you are in the mood for a New Wave IPA accompanied by a Balkan burger or lavash – this is the place for you!

Address: Kazimierza Wielkiego 39

Pinta Wrocław

Pinta Wroclaw, garden
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Pinta Wrocław is – as the name suggests – the company pub of Poland’s largest craft brewery. Pinta is a brewery that over the past few years – it must be said openly – has not only strengthened its position as market leader, but has also been light years ahead of the rest. They brew the best beers, are not afraid of interesting, less popular items, and are developing the cask and wild segments.

Most of the beers on the board are, of course, proposals from Wieprz brewers, but you will also find raisins from other Polish kraft initiatives and a bit from abroad. Pinta Wroclaw’ s location is a bit further away from the other pubs. To get there, you have to go to the modern Ovo segment on the Podwale. It also seems that the clientele here is more nouveau riche than basement – to use such a dichotomy.

As for the cuisine, it can be said that they serve a combination of modern interpretations of Polish cuisine and bar classics. So you’ll get ostrich tartare, burgers, onion rings, as well as dumplings or black pudding here. Something nice for everyone – in a delicious way.

Address: Podwale 83


Hamhouse - premiere of beer from Golem Brewery
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Szynkarnia is one of the places I have by far the most fondness for on the beer map of Wroclaw. Interesting kraft beer is just one of its facets – you’ll have delicious breakfasts here, buy artisanal meats and cheeses, and if you’re not in the mood for beer – the bartenders will be happy to serve a burnout or one of the many craft distillates on offer.

The Szynkarnia board tends to be heavily diversified and even the most discerning beer drinkers will find something to their liking. There will be no shortage of German and Czech classics, English beers poured from a real pump, and strong, often roasted stouts. At a recent taproom, Golem Brewery attempted to break its own ham plate volatility record (averaging 8.8% per beer), but fell short by less than half a percent. However, what delays…

I recommend delicious scones, cheeses (such as the sentimental one for me – Korycin – a style developed in the region I come from) and, of course, beer – lots of good kraft beer!

Address: Swietego Antoniego 15


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Equally distant from the rest as Pinta Wrocław is Targowa, which is located on the Odra River itself – in the historic Market Hall, which is more than a century old. The spacious interiors, abundance of good food and kraft beer offered here attract both tourists and lovers of fine dining.

Polish cuisine and local brews reign supreme at Targowa. For lovers of higher voltages, there is also a wide range of strong spirits and wines. But what goes better with a pork loin fried in lard or a cured pork knuckle than a half-liter pint of light full?

Address: Piaskowa 17

Post script

Wroclaw is one of the best cities on the kraft map of Poland. In addition to the aforementioned establishments, there are several others that are definitely worth a look. Restaurant breweries should not be forgotten either. Already on my return from the capital of Lower Silesia, I learned that in a short while the Regional Pub with 35 taps, a branch of the well-known Swiety Michal in Lublin, is opening on the market itself. In Wroclaw, it will be called Swiety Jan. On my next visit I will go there as well, and this compilation will probably be updated periodically.